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Treatment Program

Bone Setting | Dissolve Therapy | Body Training

About Program.

We offer transformational body packages here in Koh Chang, Thailand.


Utilizing 3 treatment methods, you'll walk away from this experience with correct skeletal alignment, a released fascial network, and the tools to continue your transformational journey at home, through the training sessions.


Bone Setting

Bone Setting is a profound method to correct injuries and damage in the body's structure, soft tissue and nervous system to improve qi flow and mental wellbeing. It can only be learned and performed by martial arts experts as it requires a high degree of command over the internal force, or jin, and a refined level of ting jin, the ability to feel deep inside the body of the patient.

Dissolve Treatment

While addressing the bones is essential, what about the rest? Our Dissolve treatments help liberate deep-seated tension within your mind, body, and emotions. The first session is dedicated to promoting release in the torso, neck, and face, and subsequent sessions can be customized to target any specific areas of concern.



The training is the missing link in many 'health programs.' Here, we offer more than just treatments; we provide the essential training to ensure that your body transformation is sustainable. Throughout your program, we'll equip you with the tools to actively engage in this process, so you're not just a recipient, but a participant in your own transformation. This dual approach not only enhances the effectiveness of the process but also empowers you to take these invaluable skills back home, ensuring your transformative journey continues.

Programs Available

3 Day Program

฿31,550 / £720

3 x Bone Setting Treatments

3 x 1 Hour Dissolve Treatments

3 x 1 Hour Private Training

GBP Approx*

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Getting to us.

Koh Chang is right off the mainland, the closest airport is Trat, which is a short ferry and drive from the island. Driving from Bangkok is also another popular option, there are frequent van services available.


Feel free to get in touch so we can help with any questions you might have.


Who is this for?

This is for anyone looking to achieve more spaciousness with their body. If you have any specific questions you'd like us to answer, you can use the contact form above.

How is Payment made?

We take a 20% deposit online, the remaining amount can be paid upon arrival.

Is my deposit refundable?

Yes, just let us know 48 hours before your booking to receive a full refund.

Where is your clinic space?

We're located on the West side of Koh Chang, around Kai Bai Beach, the details will be forwarded to you once the booking has been made.

What do I wear during our sessions?

Some comfortable clothes!  All of our treatments are fully clothed, something loose would be ideal.

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