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Bone Setting

Bone Setting is a profound method to correct injuries and damage in the body's structure, soft tissue and nervous system to improve qi flow and mental wellbeing. It can only be learned and performed by martial arts experts as it requires a high degree of command over the internal force, or jin, and a refined level of ting jin, the ability to feel deep inside the body of the patient.

It is because of these high requirements that this method is almost lost, even in mainland China, wherein modern techniques have since replaced it.

Sifu Adam Mizner is a representative of this method and runs clinics with his senior disciples in various locations around the world.



What is it Good For?

Besides promoting general health and well-being, there are too many potential uses of Qi Setting to list. However, on the right, you can find a list of things we have heard from our clients.


✔ Improved Nerve Communication in the Body 

✔ Improved Joint Motion and Coordination 

✔ Improved Circulation

✔ Improved Physical, Energetic and Mental Function  

✔ Improved Posture

✔ Relief from Back and Neck Pain 

✔ Relief from Leg, Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain 

✔ Relief from Arm, Wrist, Shoulders or Elbow Pain 

✔ Relief from Stress and Tension Disorders 

✔ Relief from Joint Discomfort 

✔ Relief from Bursitis   

✔ Relief from Arthritis 

✔ Relief from Chronic Injuries

✔ Improved organ function 

✔ Rehabilitation

✔ Scoliosis Relief 

✔ Plantar Fasciitis Relief 

✔ Sprains Relief 

✔ Headaches and Migraine Relief



I’ve had all types of massages, adjustments, and bodywork: Rolfing, Deep Tissue & Thai Massage, Myofascial Release, Cranio-Sacral, Chiropractic, etc., and none of these compare to the experience of HME HEALING. The Qi Setting I received from the senior teachers at HME seemed somehow to get to the most essential, deepest parts of my body and nearly instantly helped correct root skeletal misalignments in my ankles, hips, sacrum, lumbar, thoracic, cervical vertebra, as well as miraculously re-set my left shoulder so that it moves comfortably, and now seems to sit properly in its socket instead of hunched forward, previously unable to rise above 45 degrees without severe pain.


 After a Qi Setting session (which is only about 10-15 minutes), I feel like I have a brand new skeleton. The first time, I went home, took my shirt off and stared into a mirror and could scarcely recognize the comfortable looking aligned body reflecting back. Whereas a typical massage feels good and lasts for a day or two, the session I experienced has left me with a new aligned, comfortable core body sensation that lasts for months. Besides relieving pain, after a few sessions, I now have a precious gift of a new, efficient, relaxed way of carrying my body. This combined with regular Taiji practice offers me the hope of maintaining a new level of health and posture.


I recall the hunch in my grandmother’s back and listening to her complaints of pain in the upper back and shoulders, which she frequently asked me to help relieve with acupressure and massage. It saddened me to see how, in her 80s, she was in such frequent pain, and was unable to maintain an aligned spine. I vowed to try to work on my own posture to avoid such a fate, but in my late 40’s noticed that my own spine was developing odd irregularities and became worried that the old-age hunch was unavoidable. Now, after several sessions, I feel confident that as long as I keep up my taiji practice and have access to a good session every now and then, I will no doubt be able to maintain a healthy, aligned spine.

- Oliver Pfeffer

Regulatory Body (UK)


Member of The Acupuncture Society. A professional body of Acupuncture and Oriental Therapist Practitioners recognized by the London Local Authorities on 29th October 1996 under the London Local Authorities Act 1991 section (4) As a Society of Acupuncture, TCM and Oriental Therapist Practitioners exempted from local authority special treatment licensing.

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