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Transformative Treatment Package

Bone Setting | Dissolve Therapy | Body Training

About Program.

We offer transformational body packages here in Koh Chang, Thailand.


Utilizing 3 methods of treatment, you'll walk away from this experience with correct skeletal alignment, released fascial network, and the tools to conitune your transformational journey at home with the skills you'll learn in our 1-1 private training sessions.

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Bone Setting

Bone Setting is a profound method to correct injuries and damage in the body's structure, soft tissue and nervous system to improve qi flow and mental wellbeing. It can only be learned and performed by martial arts experts as it requires a high degree of command over the internal force, or jin, and a refined level of ting jin, the ability to feel deep inside the body of the patient.

Dissolve Treatment

Dissolve Therapy is a healing modality focusing on creating space in your body, thoughts, and emotions. Each service we offer at Dissolve instills this quality of opening and release. Whether it’s the hands-on Treatments or online training Sessions, it’s all based on the “how”, rather than the “what”.  How are you finding that space? Are you fighting to create it, or are you running away? Dissolve will show you how to find this harmony.



Each sessions will be focused towards creating space within your body. This will give you the tools to work from the other end, working on yourself as we're working on you!   This will allow you to take these new skills back home with you, to continue your transformative journey.

Programs Available

Koh Chang, Thailand

14 Day Program



10 x 1 Hour Private Training

9 x Bone Setting Treatments

6 x 1 hour Dissolve Treatments

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